"Toronto" Music Video!

02.23.15 by matty powell

      In the words of Sam Cooke "It's been a long time coming..." but I'm very excited to announce that pre-production has begun on a short film for the song "Toronto". We have an extremely talented team of people lending their creativity and experience to the project, all of whom share a love for music, the beautiful city of Toronto and of course filmmaking.

     Like the song itself the film will be an exploration of various emotions the city can invoke, whether it's a beautiful day overlooking the skyline or a lonely night on a billboard truss amidst the traffic and sirens on the streets below. From the creative meetings we've had I can assure you the song could not be in better hands to tell this story with pictures.

     The whole crew is volunteering their time for this project, I feel so grateful and proud to say it is truly a labour of love. But love won't pay for insurance, sets, locations, permits, etc... So we've started a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs of those things. Every little bit helps and there is some great incentives for those who do donate, from signed albums to private live performances. Thank you in advance for helping me achieve my musical dreams and aspirations..

Please visit our Kickstarter page to donate!